Little Gentlemen and Their Mama – Seattle Motherhood Lifestyle Session by Katy Hulten Family Photography

As a mother of 2, I can attest that you don’t realize how physically and mentally strong you are until you become a mother. It is likely the most important role of your life and a role worth being remembered and celebrated in the most meaningful way. Motherhood photography is a way to capture those authentic connections you share with your young children – priceless portraits preserving some of your most cherished memories of you with your babies.

I have always gravitated towards highlighting mothers with their children during sessions, so It was such an honor to capture my dear friend Janet with her boys at the park and riverbed for her first Motherhood session. One of my favorite things about these sessions are the sweet conversations I have with children about their loves and interests. To be able to witness the boys’ laughs and admiration for their mama is a reminder to me that motherhood is such an amazing gift.

Once you become a Mom, you are one forever and If you have thought about having your own motherhood session, the best time is sooner than later – when your babies are still small and their smiles and hugs are still undeniably genuine and filled with love

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