Katy Hulten is a Seattle based Wedding and Portrait photographer. She wakes up everyday with a full heart,  blessed and grateful for the life and laughter she shares with her husband and 2 daughters. 

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My journey into photography started when I was thinking of ways to incorporate my everyday life with my desire to document those special moments of love and life I shared with my family. Capturing love stories and the tender moments of young families is a constant reminder to me that my family is everything. Connecting with people who value these relationships are the platform for my work and embracing the big and small moments that bring you joy and gratitude are the heart of my imagery. 

about Me


Eric and I started dating after a post-it note was handed to him that included my phone number and the restaurant name I wanted to meet him at. We still talk about the famous post-it that led us to each other and more than a decade of love.


If there is one thing that motherhood has taught me, it is how strong of a woman I really am to my family. My girls have taught me so much about what it means to live in the moment and I feel so eternally grateful to continue to love and nurture my babies everyday. 


I have always loved spending time with my parents while they reminisced over  old family stories that often included uncontrollable belly laughs and joyful tears. These are the cherished memories I share with my family and the stories I hope to always preserve with my own children. 


There is nothing I appreciate more than Summer in Seattle when the sun is out, the weather is warmer and the floral blooms fill our home garden.  It is something I never take for granted living in the PNW.